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I wish there was a nice blog editor for Windows. Mars Edit and Ecto (both only available for MacOSX) are the best in the world. Too bad Ecto for windows sucks hard. I’ve even tried the new OMPL editor that Dave W. released, with his WordPress patch, but I can’t get it to work on my WordPress site, despite the information and success others are having with it.

However, OPML editor seems like it’s more trouble than it’s worth, as the UI seems to be alien technology, or it was designed to make you less productive than you could be. I hope they are planning on porting MarsEdit over to windows. Almost all of the other no-name blogging tools for XP are total crap. I’ve tried so many and they are so strikingly unintuitive.

2 thoughts on “Posting Entries on XP

  1. dillera

    I should state that I like the _idea_ of the OPML editor- that you have somewhat simple interface (once it is setup as a workspace), that it runs on the Mac and Windows, and that it uses an outline as the basis for its data. The bad part is that its so funky, especially dragging things around in the workspace.

    I’m going to go try it again, and I will contact you Cori if it still isn’t working…. now I have to figure out how to do trackbacks in wordpress… i did them once with MT, but I don’t think my first attempt worked- at least, I’m not seeing it back on your entry.

  2. Sorry you didn’t have any luck; it is kind of a kludge, but I like it.

    If you’re interested in trying again I’d be happy to help out. Also, have you tried the blog editting functions in Flock (the other mozilla browser)? They work with my wordpress site and don’t suck too bad….

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