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Nokia just informed me last night via email that my 770 (ordered back on the 15th of November, and promised to ship on the 17th) has finally shipped to me. There has been a fairly large amount of consternation regarding the release of the 770. Nokia apparently misjudged the popularity of the device at the launch, and had many more pre-orders (which they started accepting Nov 14) than they expected (for the US). As the promised shipping date slipped, more and more people were upset… and expressed that in the Forums over at Internet Tablet Talk.

As people waited anxiously for their promised Internet Tablets to ship, others in Europe were receiving them. But all of a sudden there were reports that CompUSA of all places was going to sell them- and and some in stock in most stores! While it was only a few units per store, most CompUSAs had 4 and were selling them- mostly to people fed up with waiting the four weeks already for Nokia to ship units to the USA. Strangely, CUSA was selling the 770 for $399 – and you paid tax of course. There was speculation that Nokia had make an 11th hour deal with CompUSA and gave them that first batch of 770’s so they could be the exclusive reseller of the device – for a premium. As people on the boards started to purchase 770s from CompUSA, the holdouts only became more vocal and upset. Throw in the fact that Nokia’s ordering department seemed to know nothing and the allegations grew each day that moved further from the 17th of November. Dates like Dec 30th and then Jan 6th started appearing from somewhere. Then after a few more days, most (if not all) of the CompUSAs were out (they had only about 4 to start off with) and had no date for another shipment.

It does seem like Nokia is taking a play from the Xbox 360 launch– but I’m still looking forward to using mine, as most of the feedback from the lucky users of the device has been, so far, positive. And I’v already ordered and received a RSMMS 1 Gig memory card.

Date:    12/08/2005
Order#:  5723XXX

Subject: Your Order...
Dear andrew diller
Thanks again for your order.  

You can expect to receive your package at the address
below in 3 business days via FedEx Freight Saver.
You can track the progress of your order using the 
tracking number and link below:

Tracking Number: XXXX
Link: @

Shipped To:
andrew diller
Shipped:     1 @ 359.99   

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