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I feel like it’s time to enable root on my 770. I want to setup some things and its hard looking around and searching for things without having access to everything. Fortunately, getting root is super simple on the 770. The MaemoWiki has an excellent page on it, but if your in a hurry, all you do is this:

  • Get the flasher – (Mac, Linux)
  • Remove the 770 from mains and shut it down completely (using powerbutton)
  • Plug the USB cable directly into the Mac (hubs won’t let it work) and into the 770
  • Execute the flasher application as root
  • Turn on the 770
  • After the flasher is done (it only takes a moment), unplug the USB from the 770
  • The 770 will boot
  • Now, on the 770 use the command: “sudo gainroot” whenever you feel the need.

Output from the terminal on my Mac:

blinky:~ dillera$ chmod a+x flasher.macosx
blinky:~ dillera$ sudo ./flasher.macosx --enable-rd-mode
Suitable USB device not found, waiting
USB device found found at bus 003, device address 002-0421-0105-02-00
Found board Nokia 770 (F5)
NOLO version 0.9.0
The device is now in R&D mode
blinky:~ dillera$

Back on the 770:

~ $ sudo gainroot
Root shell enabled

BusyBox v1.00 (Debian 2:20041102-11) Built-in shell (ash)
Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.

/home/user # id
uid=0(root) gid=0(root)

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