Grabbing Screen Shots on the 770

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If you want nice screen shots from your 770 you are in luck. Jakub Pavelek has written a cool applet that shows both CPU load and memory (ram) usage. As a bonus, it offers to take both a screenshot and a delayed screenshot. It will also kill running applications to help with the dreaded memory crunch on the 770. The screenshot delay is essential, since if there is no delay you will always have the applet’s pop-up ui as a blank mask over the screen (see my previous screenshots on this blog).

With this in place, you can snap screenshots. They are stored as PNGs in:


So, assuming that you have already setup the Dropbear SSH server and have your host keys all setup, from a Mac or Windows terminal you can just do this:

dillera$ scp user@*.png .
screenshot00.png            100%  177KB 177.3KB/s   00:01
screenshot01.png            100%   88KB  88.0KB/s   00:00    

In this example, I just pulled down two screenshots from the 770 into my local directory on my Mac. Now I can edit those as necessary. One result is below.


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