Origami and the Nokia 770

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Nokia better get their butt in gear for the 2nd generation Internet Tablet- the hype (more analysis) over the Microsoft Origami project is growing, and while it is very much vaporware at this point, a lot could happen this year. This device is aimed squarely at the niche that Nokia has identified. More than a music and video player, less that the Tablet PC. There is no telling how close this is or isn’t to a real device, but one wonders what MS could produce, having all the mistakes of Windows CE under their belt, combined with the experience of 2 generations of the Xbox (a consumer device).

You can hope for the worst (like Windows CE/Mobile, which seems to get worse every version), but with the current 770 interface and applications being so achingly slow ( I don’t believe the device is that underpowered), MS could let loose something in this size factor with the power of a near desktop.

At the very least, please make my 770 faster, so I’ll use it more.

Update: I’m not the only one seeing this intersect with the 770. This piece on Red Herring mentions the 770– but incredibly they talk about it being released only in Europe! Nokia needs to spread the word better….

From the Red Herring:

“Nokia’s device has no cellular connectivity,” he said. “It’s a Wi-Fi device, and they have been taken off guard by its success. It was a sleeper, so I think Microsoft has seen that and is trying to get its share of that market. The Nokia device runs Linux, so that has made Microsoft move even faster to market Origami.”

3 thoughts on “Origami and the Nokia 770

  1. A lot more pictures:

    And its amusing that they are lamenting what a lot of people said about the 770: “No mobile phone built in?!?!”

  2. I think it is (a competitor)- at least, it could be. That isn’t the final size of the device of course, and if anything, the 770 (or the 870) will just be bigger (if it includes a keyboard). As for putting the 770 in my pocket- perhaps a coat pocket, but it can’t fit in my pocket like my Treo650, or any palm could.

    The 770 is certianly for light weight couch surfing- seeing as it has wifi. If it were truly a moble (anywhere mobile) device it would have some 3G network access built in. I don’t consider taking my 770 with me anywhere beyond the house and the office — where I have wifi access for it.

  3. bugmenot

    Origami is not a competitor to the Nokia 770. It is not a mobile device — you can’t fit it in your pocket. It’s nice for surfing on your couch but not for carrying around with you all the time (despite the fact that the Origami marketing material tries to make you believe that it would be oh so convenient to carry it around with you everywhere)

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