I spent some good money and time getting my SE/30 put back for modern use. The MB and Analog board and PS have been recapped, it has 32M RAM installed and a SCSI to CF adapter to ensure no disk failures. The one fail was the keyboard and mouse. As nice as the Apple mechanical ADB keyboards and square mice were in the day, to day they are no where as easy to use as the modern Apple USB thin keyboards and usb optical mice. Then the ADB keyboard died and I’ve been unable to use the SE/30. Looking around on eBay most nice ADB keyboards (pre-extended keyboard) are around 30-60 dollars. Then I ran across the WOMBAT and quickly ordered one. Now my SE/30 is perfectly usable with modern USB keyboards and mice.

And as a bonus the USB scroll wheel on the mice is mapped to the up and down keys and now you can do seamless scrolling in windows in OS 7.5…



IMG 2560

IMG 2559

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