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Nokia 770

Did I mention that I’m anxiously waiting for my Nokia 770? They call it an internet tablet, but it looks like the next Newton (in a good way). Using real Xwindows and Gnome, this will be very interesting. There is a lot of talk here, in the forums at Internet Tablet Talk, and there is…

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Posting Entries on XP

I wish there was a nice blog editor for Windows. Mars Edit and Ecto (both only available for MacOSX) are the best in the world. Too bad Ecto for windows sucks hard. I’ve even tried the new OMPL editor that Dave W. released, with his WordPress patch, but I can’t get it to work on…

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Audio Books on the iPod

Since I’ve had my iPod Nano, I’ve really started using it with audiobooks. I’ve never listened to audiobooks before (in any format) but there is a certain type of book that really lends itself to an audio book. Plus I’ve really come to enjoy the force feeding of the book, not havisdng to actually hold…

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