I did it again: Hello Sprint

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After leaving Sprint earlier this year for a BlackBerry Nextel, I had to give up the hate and go back. You see, I just couldn’t resist the new Treo 650. I’ve had it now for a few days and I love it. It does many things much better than the BB, but some it could improve no. Still no sign of the BlackBerry Connect for Palm. I’ll post more thoughts on the Treo 650 later, but so far it’s everything it claims, and the two big problems most trumpeted about on the ‘net (the memory issues and audio quality) aren’t affecting me at all.

At least as consolation for having to go back to Sprint, I got the phone at the new subscriber cost, which saved me $150. One good thing is that the Treo gets consistent and strong coverage inside my house in West Philly, which is surprising, since both T-Mobile and Nextel are bad (random drops) in the center rooms (my house is long and thin– it’s a twin) of my house. Verizon’s reception has been the best, but they may not have the 650 till mid 2005.