10 year Update:

Account Started On: 2007-03-24

It’s 2018 and Dreamhost has been a great a investment for holding my thoughts and projects here on the web. For the tiny fraction of hits my blog gets it’s still worth it to me to keep my blog on my own system. Plus the great automation on Dreamhost keeps my WordPress blog patched up without me having to even think about it!

About the Syncing Apple:

Andy Diller lives in Philadelphia. He has a lot of gadgets, too many computers and loads of Apple products. This blog is now hosted on Dreamhost starting in March of 2007. Previously it was hosted on some linux systems in my basement, back when having getting routable IP address from your ISP was a thing. But time passes and I’d rather spend my time on other things, so Dreamhost saves me a lot of time messing with that old server in my basement. Plus I may even be saving a tiny bit on my electric bill.

So far, I’ve been happy with Dreamhost.


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