Subtext BBS version 4

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Subtext is an amazing, modern, retro application for System 6 (and 7.1) Macs. It is written and maintained by Joshua Stein. It implements a full BBS with telnet, serial (modem), fsxNet (fidoMail/Boards), uploads/downloads, IP geolookup and now as of version 4, syslog.

You can download Subtext 4 at Joshua’s site:

I’ve been running SubText since I stumbled upon it a few years ago. My BBS is up at:


And it’s been very fun to setup and maintain. I’m connected up to some fsxNodes and so there is always some new messages on the system.

With syslog support I’ve added on a rsyslog server on my Pi that also serves as Appleshare server and it works great.

You can find some easy directions here:

Screen Shot 2024-02-20 at 10.44.22 AM.

pi@rascsi1:/var/log$ tail -f subtextbbs.log
Feb 20 10:43:20 subtext: [modem] Read: OK
Feb 20 10:43:20 subtext: [modem] Sending: ATV1S0=2&D2#015
Feb 20 10:43:21 subtext: [modem] Read: OK
Feb 20 10:43:21 subtext: [telnet] Listening on
Feb 20 10:43:21 subtext: [db] Pruning session logs older than 180 days
Feb 20 10:43:27 subtext: [board] Pruned 6 posts in FSX_STA older than 33 days
Feb 20 10:43:27 subtext: [binkp] Connecting to ( port 24554
Feb 20 10:43:29 subtext: [binkp] Connected to Clearing Houz
Feb 20 10:43:30 subtext: [binkp] Logged in successfully as 21:3/178
Feb 20 10:43:30 subtext: [binkp] Finished polling in 3 secs
Feb 20 10:43:57 subtext: [ttyw0] New telnet connection from (via trusted proxy)
Feb 20 10:43:57 subtext: [ttyw0] [-] IAC NAWS 132, 74
Feb 20 10:43:57 subtext: [ttyw0] [-] IAC TTYPE IS VT100
Feb 20 10:43:57 subtext: [ttyw0] [-] Activating vt100 ANSI support for matching vt100
Feb 20 10:43:57 subtext: [ttyw0] [-] IAC TSPEED IS 38400,38400
Feb 20 10:43:57 subtext: [ttyw0] [-] NEWENV "DISPLAY" = "/private/tmp/"
Feb 20 10:43:57 subtext: [ttyw0] [-] NEWENV "USER" = "dillera"
Feb 20 10:44:03 subtext: [ttyw0] [-] Successful password login for user massive

retro computer screen displaying a login prompt, reminiscent of the experience of logging into a Bulletin Board System (BBS).

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