AppleTalk 2024 MARCHintosh Project

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Update 3 (March 8):

The Quadra800 as AIR is totally stable, I’m enjoying all the fun things on other sites (using a SE/30 as workstation) and playing with getting screenshots converted back and forth. My ImageWriter Network card should be arriving to day and so I will have print sharing up and available. Looking for a nice Laserwriter to add but no prospects yet.

I hope to get some LocalTalk connectors also and connect up a powerbook 180. We’ll see. There is always another week in MARCHintosh.

I’ve posted a diagram of what I had to do to get this working. Just make sure you have another independent Firewall to put all your real computers and devices behind. I have zero issues with ‘double-nat’ and you can’t even tell. I’ve always had this setup really- i just moved the old Macs out from behind my FW to the ISP firewall so I could punch the UDP port thru…

Joining the #GlobalTalk network

There is a private Google Sheet to track everyone who is participating in the #GlobalTalk network experiment. To keep information private and to limited view, Mac84 is now adding people as editors to the document. Please visit the GlobalTalk page for more information on how to join.

Update 2 (March 6):

After some struggles I have the AIR working and routing and playing with other zones.

Notes: you must install Update 3. You must of course have ethernet on your mac. I had to connect my Mac behind my ISP firewall/router and open ports to the Mac. The rest of my equipment is behind another FW I control. When it works it just works as soon as you start the AIR and you see it poll all the other connected nodes. Good luck and it’s worth it!

Update 1 (March 5):

I have created a single Stuffit (1.5.1) archive with all the software needed for this project. Verified it unstuffs with any Expander in System 7.1

Unzip this with a modern Mac and then use Stuffit Expander to expand. It includes Diskcopy 6.3.3 which will mount the images in System 7.1 on the Desktop.

Original Post

It’s MARCHintosh and a cool project has spun up to inter-connect AppleTalk (really EtherTalk) zones
across the Internet for participants. Paul Rickards announced this via mastodon and has the key post to set this all up over at his biosrhythm Blog. Check it out.

In the post he’s listed a number of archives files you’ll need to convert a 7.1 Mac into a full AppleTalk Internet Router. I’ve gathered those files together in a single zip below for ease of installation. Download and copy over to your Mac or your local AppleTalk server and get connected.

(see above for the file)

Contact to get a link to the shared GoogleSheet to map your own zone and network ID in for this project.

I’ll update this once I’m doing doing the installation with notes on how it went for me.

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