BBS and Echomail with fsxNet

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Having a BBS is fun, but traffic is what a BBS is about- exchanging information and discussions between people. And I suppose some gaming. Starting a BBS is one thing but getting people/users to connect is a whole other thing- it demands time, marketing and getting the word out. There are many other options today with much more established BBS boards.

But via the magic of networks, like FidoNet you can have information from across the globe with other BBS that are participating. Joining FidoNet however isn’t such an easy proposition. In fact it’s very obtuse and not explicit at all. Perhaps they want it that way, I’m not sure. But there is a nice slice of FidoNet down in New Zealand called fsxNet – a ‘fun, simple and experimental network’ (fsx). They actually have an internet site that explains how to join and info on getting that done and lastly some nice people who will help you get that done.

Subtext BBS supports Fidonet (via binkp client) and so you can apply, join and configure up Subtext to participate in the fsxNet boards. These general boards are called echomail in fidonet. They are public message boards that anyone on any node of fsx can participate in and they are decently busy. I’ve connected my bbs to fsx and it’s a blast.

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