Entourage Sync with Treo650

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So I just switched yesterday from iSync & Addressbook/iCal syncing to Entourage. I’ll miss Mail.app the most, but I’m tired of not having syncing Categories. Already I like having them back. The syncing works well, and I’m enjoying using Entourage 2004. Its project view is very helpful for the work I’m doing now. The only downside so far is that the Notes sync doesn’t work, and the whole Entourage Conduit is all or nothing: I can’t choose to not use its Notepad sync, and choose to use the Mark/Space Notepad, which was really nice.

I just noticed this interesting looking iSync module: e2Sync. It claims to sync Entourage with iSync, so you have use all these apps and keep them synced, even sync multiple Entourage installations via .Mac. This looks very interesting.