X11 on the Zaurus

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Sharp Zaurus CL750

So Kathrin, RC2 of the 1.1 pdaXrom was released today over at pdaXrom.org of course.. That means that if you have one of those Sharp Zaurus that run Linux, you can get rid of the Qtopia stuff and go to real X11 based linux. Real as in Firefox. Which it runs pretty snappy. I picked one up (again, from the Philly Craigslist) and I’ve been have fun getting it outfitted to do something useful. I can have too many gadgets, so one had to go. I sold my Clie UX50 on Ebay today. I got a decent price for it, considering that Sony had exited the Palm PDA market all together. The 750 is a real nice machine, the keyboard is the nicest I’ve used on a palm sized device, and having both the CF and SD is essential, as I can have wireless and some extra storage space. Most everything that’s happening with these is over here at the Zaurus User Group Forums. Of course, having double the ram is nicer in the 760, but this will do for now.