BlackBerry Connect & Cobalt

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blackberry Connect

So there was some noise the other day about PalmSource, RIM and the new BlackBerry Connect. Numerous sites all talked about the announcement… no one had much to add to it. It looks like we are even closer to having this available. And it looks like it will be released as packages for older Palms to use. It would be great if I were able to use this on my T|C, but I’m really waiting for it to be integrated into PalmOS itself, and available on a smart phone, like the Treo 650. It requires the use of BES 4.x, and so I’m looking to see how you go about upgrading the BES server here from 3 to 4. Perhaps it will have to wait for Palm OS 6.2. Speaking of which, PalmSource needs to stop announcing all these releases of Palm OS6 and instead work on getting something out to people who own ARM powered devices. Why can’t we use 6 today on the Tungsten’s?

What’s in A Name

PalmSource is also getting a little confusing with the path they are taking. Are they really going to keep Palm OS 5 around while they release 6? Remember, Cobalt = OS 6 and Garnet = OS 5. If they keep Garnet around for cheap devices after the real launch of Cobalt then they are making a mistake. Its too confusing. Especially when you get into the application area. It sounds an awful lot like the whole Apple Coca /Carbon stew.