Good hint for iSync and Palm Syncing

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If you use Apple’s apps (iCal, Addressbook, like I do, you really get used to the complete integration of these applications with one another. It’s getting Newtonesque. If you also use a Palm, you probably are using iSync to syncing these apps with your Palm’s PIMs. One constant irritant however, is the lack of support of Categories on iSync to Palm synchronization. For some reason Apple engineers can’t sync my Addressbook & iCal categories with those on the Palm. Everthing new on the Palm shows up as Untitled on the iApps, and vice-versa. Not a big deal for me, as I’ve just given up catagorizing my contacts and appointments. However, if you are addicted to catagories, I did see a nice hint on how to make it work somewhat over at Mac OSX Hints.

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