My G5 is Fixed

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All the trouble, toil and worry that I’ve had with this new Apple G5 was finally solved by calling Apple, putting up with the BS of the first level techs, getting to a 2nd level and calmly trying to explain the issues with this damn thing rebooting on its own. I’ve tried new harddrives, clean systems, a new UPS, switching to different circuits in my house. Everything. But for the last 4 months it just reboots on its own, saying (in the system log) “PMU forced shutdown.” Apple finally had me take it into the local service center for examination.

Which itself is an ordeal, since I have to pull my drives (no way are those service monkeys getting near my data– I was once one myself, and I remember… just no way.) install a SATA drive and then install a fresh system on it. Pull my ‘non-apple’ RAM, which will only cause them to point their finger at as the problem, which is a whole nother agonizing story about those idiots at Apple Phone support. Verify that the problem still exists (it did) then drive into Center City, find parking and drag the beast into the dealer. Wait, wait more, and then wait even some more and then explain the whole entire problem all over again. I asked “Can’t you pull this up from Apple’s database or something?” “Nah” they said. Finally I can leave. The only nice part was that I was leaving for two weeks to go to Florida for the holidays, so I wasn’t going to miss not having it.

To make a long story short, in four days they called and said they fixed it.

Bad power-supply.

I could have cried. All the time and energy I’ve put into solving this, and its cause Apple put a piece of crap power-suppy into this computer. Argh.

And then, to top it all off, they didn’t even put the piece of aluminum that covers the power supply on correctly, and mis-threaded the small screw that holds the front part down. Which is also a pain in the ass, because I plan on getting the G5 Hard Drive Bracket from soon, and it will use that very same threaded post to mount the drive bracket on. That should be fun now. See why I called them monkeys?