Treo 650: My Buttons Broke

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So Sprint has a big problem with replacement phones… namely, their replacement service sucks. You can spend $450 on a brand new Treo 650 and if it breaks the next day, you get a replacement Refurbed phone… not a new one. Not to mention that you wait about 2 days (unless you are willing to do the leg work yourself). And there is no way to forward a Sprint number except from the phone itself! (If you have use of your cell phone buttons, its *72) But all that is another story, which I’ll tell soon. Others have Sprint horror stories

Now I know why people with SIM cards laugh at all the idiots that bought into the bullshit of CDMA non-sim phones. You are screwed if your phone is kaput. I came this close to walking over to the Cingular store and getting a Treo 650 with a SIM… It was only the unexpected intervention of a Sprint Store Manager that treated me like a human, instead of a annoying customer that saved my account at Sprint.

Meanwhile, anyone that has a 650 knows about the key-guard. Any button that turns on the Treo does so only for a few moments, unless you press the big button in the middle of the nav group. So what happens when that stops working? You can’t do crap with your Treo for one. One day this week that button stopped working. Then all the hardware buttons stopped working. Then they came back, then stopped again. I needed a new phone. I hadn’t done anything to it, other than keep it with me and use it. After mucking around with Sprint Tech support, dropping off the phone and finally chasing down a replacement in Philly, I got a refurbed phone. Which, at that point I was very happy to take.

But now I’m worried: is this Treo going to lose its buttons too? Is this a defect with these things, or did I just get an unluckly Treo? I guess I’ll know in another month. Meanwhile I suppose I should start researching the Blackberry 71XX on T-Mobile, just in case.

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