Official Treo / Sprint BT DUN is here

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Finally they made good on their promise. Palm One has the Treo 650 Updater 1.12 for sprint, which will enable Bluetooth DUN. As well as get rid of the annoying delay in dialing the phone. I’m about to take the plunge. Back in January I tried the hack for this, and it totally messed up my Treo. I’m hoping this works better.

Palm One Updater Page.

Now if they will allow the Apple Address book to bind with the Treo 650 via BT, then we will finally get getting somewhere.

Update: the firmware update installed ok. The only issue was that after I re-synced all my PIM data, the data didn’t sync from the backups into the Treo- it wanted to delete all my PIM data on iSync. I fixed this by forcing a reset of the Palm from within iSync itself, then re-synced. I use Missing Sync to sync with my Mac.

Here is a page on how to setup the BT DUN for the mac. I haven’t tried this yet, as DUN won’t share the data connection- you have to quit any other apps that use it, as my Chatter email app does. So I can’t run them both at the same time.

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