BlackBerry Connect live in Barcelona

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has some in-the-hand experience with the Black Berry Connect for Palm. I was very excited about this a year ago when it was announced, as I had just switched from a Blackberry Nextel phone to my new Sprint Treo650. While ChatterMail has been very good to me, I would still run Connect if it made sense, and if it syncs OTA calendar and contacts.

And speaking of OTA PIM and email suites, I’ve recently been using Zimbra as my primary email server, after deploying the free version on my own linux server. They promise syncing to the Treo soon (in the coming months) for the paid version, which would make it very compelling. Their web-based 100% ajaxified client is impressive and has replaced Thunderbird for me.

And, even further afield, the SE M600 Phone looks very interesting. The news I’ve read about it mentions that it may have Blackberry Connect.