ITOS’06 and Screen Shots

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Of course I wasted all that time yesterday snapping photos of the new ITOS’06 Beta when the classic Load Applet and Screenshot taker was ported and sitting over in the Maemo Garage. It works fine In 2006. After I took a few shots I realized there was no easy way to get them to my Mac, without having SSH or Xterm handy on the 770. So I ended up loading Opera, got on Gmail, and then attached them to an email to my self. That worked fine.

Screen Shot of the amazing FBreader, which is also already ported and ready to go.

Screen shot of me attaching my screenshots in a Gmail to myself.

Here is my Gmail, attachment laden and ready to send.

One thought on “ITOS’06 and Screen Shots

  1. Great blogging! Thanks for all the screen-shots.

    I noticed someone mentioned OS2006 included an alarm clock function that would actually wake the 770. Have you found this to be the case?

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