MacBook: RSS – Random Shutdown Syndrome

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My Macbook suffered from RSS over a month and a half ago. After taking it into the nearest Apple Store, I had to wait about four days to get the MB and heat-sink repaired. It went to the depo and was shipped back to me. About two weeks ago it began shutting down again. It’s so hard to use a laptop that randomly shuts-down.

Back to the Ardmore, PA Apple store. This time however the Geniuses seemed to know about the problem and said they could fix it in house. I dropped it off Saturday at about noon and I got a call Sunday at 6pm- they had already fixed it and it was ready for pickup.

While I was at the Apple store I got a Mini to replace my single-cpu G5 PPC, which has been nearly unusable since I got my MacBook. The G5 will turn into more of a file-server and backup, the Mini is cool and very quiet. I had to go get 2G Ram and 160G hard-drive, but the cost is still comparable to a stock white MacBook. And no RSS.

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