iPhone: Everything and More

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So the iPhone is everything that Apple has said, as far as I concerned. I telling testimonial is over at Scobleizer. Scoble has had the Nokia N95 and been swooning over it- till he’d had a day to play with his son’s new iPhone.

I didn’t wait in line- just drove over to a Center City AT&T store about 8:15 pm. They were sold out, so I drove out to the ‘burbs in Ardmore to the nearest Apple store. They had plenty, and I was parked, in, out and back in my car in 7 minuets- it was that fast. Back at home I updated to iTunes 7.3 and activated it- porting over my number from Sprint, where I was month to month. It did take about 6 hours to activate (I went to bed) and about 36 hours to port over the number, but it was all working by Sunday evening.

The iPhone is amazing, it’s just what I’ve been wanting since I started this blog. It syncs perfectly so far w/ my .Mac apps, the phone works great and the browsing is the best ever, on anything short of a laptop. No other handheld has ever even come close to being able to browse this fast (on wifi). With the iPhone it is finally possible to whip it out and check out a site in a few moments. Plus the SMS interface is nice, the iPod functions and the screen is amazing- very readable in full direct sunlight. The keyboard is fine and I can type pretty quickly after just about an hour or so of adjusting to the spacing. The email is great w/ my gmail account.

So I’m having fun with it so far.

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