Nokia 800, N95, iPhone Browser Video Comparison

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Update 06/17/07: Here is the link to the original post over at atmaspheric. The blog is worth reading.

I found a cool video over at, filmed by Jonathan Greene. He puts an iPhone, Nokia 800 and the N95 thru their paces while browsing the web. The video is nicely done and well narrated. It shows a lot more than my pictorial essay from a few days back. Worth a look at only 22 min long. You’ll certainly get a sense of the various levels of ease-of-use for these devices when browsing the web.

Some points that stuck me as I watched it:

  • The stylus mode of input just stinks for truly mobile device (cumbersome)
  • The iPhone is fast
  • The N95 is useless if you want to browse anything real on it
  • Apple really put a lot effort and technology into making finger browsing possible and easy (and fun)

  • 7 thoughts on “Nokia 800, N95, iPhone Browser Video Comparison

    1. For a more fair comparison, you should be showing the N95 in landscape mode from the beginning. That’s the only mode that makes sense for web browsing IMO.

    2. Thanks for reading / watching!

    3. Thanks, I’ve fixed the link and added a new link directly to Jon Green’s blog.

    4. jal

      Your link to has a typo.

    5. Yes, the iPhone is like a touchpad- the screen uses the conductivity of your skin to ‘work’ – inanimate objects do not activate it. Which is awesome, since you don’t have that pressure contact you need on a regular PDA touchscreen (Treo650, 770, Newton etc…). The iPhone requires just the lightest touch and will not need a screen cover- nothing in your pocket will activate it!

      As for the Nokia’s interface, is that on ITOS2007 or ’06? Also, while I know ITOS has some ability to handle finger touches, it’s bolted on, and is nowhere as integrated as iPhone. I just find using the stylus on my 770 to be a PITA now that I’ve had the iPhone for a week. I’m addicted to the finger browsing.

    6. Rom

      First of all, the N800 interface was not meant for finger typing but for a stylus. This is the same way with the iPhone – try typing on it using a stylus, I believe it will not work. :D

    7. The N800 actually works pretty well using your fingers to navigate. It’s smart when opening something like your bookmarks menu or going to a text field. If you do it with the stylus it opens a normal menu but if you do it with your finger it opens a large icon view of the menu. It also has a nice large keyboard available (I think you have to set it in your control panel I don’t remember if it’s on by default) if you have the small keyboard open, if you push the center button it will switch to the big keyboard which is pretty fast with your fingers. I can fairly accurately do things on the N800 using just my fat fingers. Some of the menus do get difficult to navigate without the stylus.

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