Awesome image editor for MacOSX: Imagewell

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I’ve been in search of a quick, simple and modern image editor for the Mac. For far too long I’ve been dragging around Photoshop 7, simply because I know I can use it to quickly do what I want. But what I need to do is limited. I want to resize and scale photos, add text (watermarks) to them and maybe overlay one or two. Maybe take a PDF and rasterize it to a thumbnail. I deal a lot with screenshots and adding hi-lights to them is about the most complicated task I ever need to do.

I’ve looked at the Gimp for OSX and recently Acorn (which seems totally alien to me- couldn’t get it to do the most basic things) and have been frustrated, till today. Banging away at google I hit upon Imagewell. The people at XtraLean put this app out, and it is exactly what I was looking for (and it works fine in Leopard). It has a crazy price (free for basic stuff- and what it does for free is amazing) and is only $20 bucks to unlock the more advanced features.

It easily passed my acid test- I was able to download it without a bunch of questions and i could use it right away. I pulled in a PDF and was able to quickly resize it to the size I needed and save it out as a png. Very easy and intutive. Intrigued, I went back to their site and looked around the Forums and stumbled across their concise and short screen casts, which quickly illustrate the cool things you can do with this app. I think I’ll buy this one and can leave Photoshop 7 to finally wither away.

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  1. Imagewell looks great. Another alternative you might consider is Pixelmator. Small, efficient, accomplishes the tasks you listed.

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