Building Android – Available Now!

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Android is OpenSourced, and you can build it yourself on MacOSX or an Ubuntu machine. THis is not the emulator, but real Android OS running on your system.

Has the directions.

Check out the known-issues page before giving up- there are some rough edges.

10/22 Update: watch out for your file system on the mac, you need to have one that is paritioned and formatted with case sensitivity, I just found out:

~/work/mydroid [558]$ make
build/core/ WARNING: adding test OTA key
build/core/ ************************************************************
build/core/ You are building on a case-insensitive filesystem.
build/core/ Please move your source tree to a case-sensitive filesystem.
build/core/ ************************************************************
build/core/ *** Case-insensitive filesystems not supported.  Stop.

2 thoughts on “Building Android – Available Now!

  1. Ah yes, that is an elegant (but slower I would think) solution. I was lucky- I had an external drive I use for TimeMachine. I bit the bullet and partitioned it out and shaved off 30G for my new case-sensitive partition.

  2. Ryan

    The easiest way to do this is to create a disk image to work from that is case sensitive HFS+ and build from there.

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