2008 and the Newton

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Genghis7777 has a great roundup of 2008 Newton Developments. I haven’t used my Newton much, but I’m actually considering taking it back up again since the iPhone is not able to track all the notes and things I need to keep around. There is still a strong community, still developing and making the Newton relevant in 2008. The newton does things that the iphone may never do; it’s strange that something with so much more power is still fundamentally missing the boat.

The post over at My Apple Newton is worth the read, if just to prove that the newton is still here.

One thought on “2008 and the Newton

  1. pixelglow

    I see you’re a Newton fan too… I used to have a couple of MessagePads back in the day, carrying it around to take notes when carrying a PDA was a sure sign of geekdom.

    You might want to check out my iPhone app Instaviz:


    … which has Newton-inspired shape recognition and automated graph layout. Note taking via mind maps / concept maps and the like.

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