Hope for Newton – squashing the 2010 Bug?

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Mottek: John Arkley was wrong … Eckhart Köppen has built a Newton patch. So it seems like there are 3 people alive who can do it, despite what John has written. John, Paul and Eckhart. And only one of them is actively developing for the Newton… Which is pretty impressive.

Meanwhile, the excellect Nitch software package, which implements GTD on the Newton has actually made me fire up my 2100 and get it connected to a desktop so that I could install Nitch. Eckhart Köppen has written zn amazingly useful package that really shines on the Newton form factor, and proves that the Newton is relvant even today.

Getting it connected back up to a desktop, to install the software is another story, and is a big issue for anyone getting back into the Newton scene. I’ll write that up later.

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