Karmic PAE Kernal and 4G Ram, Wifi on 1201N

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I recently added more RAM (4G) and a new HD (320G, 7200rpm) to the 1201N. This required re-installation of Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic onto the 1201N. The installation went without a hitch- I had previously re-installed Window 7 Professional, and Ubuntu went in and found it. Ubuntu also correcly detected the 4G of RAM and install the PAE kernel, which allows the use of a 32bit kernel with the extra RAM.

The PAE kernel is working fine with the Nvidia ION drivers, suspend and hibernate.

I found more information about a wifi driver, and this post at the Asus forum has links to an actual Linux driver. Using this driver doen’t require the NDISwrapper, but I have noticed that the wiki will not re-connect after suspend, which the NDISwrapped, Win2K driver did. However, I’ve been hibernating (due to the bad batter life on the 1201N) and the wifi works fine after a hibernate wake-up (which is decently fast, especially with BootBlaster for the BIOS).

The opening of the 1201N to replace the hard-drive is a bit more than just opening a panel in the bottom, but it’s fairly easy, given you take your time in cracking all the little pressure-tabs which hold the top and bottom of the case together. The new HD and the extra ram are making Ubuntu much more responsive and snappy.

5 thoughts on “Karmic PAE Kernal and 4G Ram, Wifi on 1201N

  1. Yeah I heard about that bios problem that won’t accept more than 4gb and it’s really only like 3.25 because .75 is reserved from nvidia? But it’s cool I’m sticking to 32bit :)

  2. Right- you know it won’t take advantage of more that 4G ram. However, with 4G it’s very nice. I use it with Karmic and also boot into Windows7 to play games on Steam.

  3. Awesome ya that’s probably what I would do. I’ll be getting my 1201N from amazon anyday now :) I already have an SSD and 4GB Ram to install with it!! Super Excited!

  4. The linux driver works great for me now, once I had the latest firmware loaded in the 1201N.

  5. Would you recommend the NDISwrapper or the Linux driver?

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