Broadwell 2-in-1

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Liliputing has a nice review of a bunch of 2-in-1 Broadwell (Core M) powered systems. All seem to be the 2-in-1 factor, as this new chip can be run in a fanless (i.e. tablet) form. Goodbye Atom.

The Dell Latitude 13 looks nice, with backlit keys on the keyboard- but it’s bluetooth and at 13″ is too big.

The design of keyboard docks like this one is a balancing act … literally. It’s important for them to be lightweight, but hefty enough to provide a stable platform to hold up the display. This model skirts the edges of almost being too light, but doesn’t go over the edge. Still, it’s a bit back heavy in laptop mode.



Of course the new Lenovo Helix 2 is what is really interesting (i.e. tempting) to me.


CoreMImprovements 1



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