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Fig D-1: A PDP-11/70 Console. These display and switch consoles were the hallmark of the PDP-11 computers in the 70ties. Picture courtesy of Henk Gooijen, see also Henk’s PDP-11 collection. The project contains a complete DEC PDP-11 system: a PDP-11/70 CPU with memory management unit, but without floating pointunit, a complete set of mass storage peripherals (RK11/RK05,RL11/RL02, RK70/RP06, TM11/TU10) and a basic set ofUNIBUS peripherals (DL11, LP11, PC11), and last but not least a cache and memory controllers for SRAM and PSRAM. The design is FPGA proven, runs currently on DigilentBasys3,Nexys4 ,Nexys3 ,Nexys2 andS3boardboards and boots 5th Edition UNIX and 2.11BSD UNIX.This is a retrocomputing project, rebuilding hardware from the late 70sand running historical software. To get into the tune see Figure D-1, a 11/70 console, andFigure F-2, a baseline system setup.News 2015-06-21: Release w11a_v0.70 available for details see sectionReleases.News 2014-06-19: doxygengenerated code browsing available for vhdl and C++ sources. No documentation text added so far, but helpful to navigate through the code. Good starting points are vhdl module list, orsys_w11a_n3 source, orC++ class list .For more details see the sections: Features Implementation Installation Verification Systems Performance Roadmap Resources Thanks

Source: PDP-11/70 CPU core and SoC :: Overview :: OpenCores

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