In Search of Part 2: Linux on the Acer Switch 10 with Fedora 23

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The amazing Fedlet release put together by AdamW let people easily install Linux Fedora on their BayTrail 32/64 tablets (64 bit CPUs but with 32bit FW). It was still somewhat buggy on my Acer Switch 10. Now that Fedora 23 is out I bit the bullet and did the upgrade to the latest packages… and rebooted. It works well. No issues booting, the trackpad still works, Wifi is working. The random lock-ups seem gone. The only issue is resuming from a suspended state. Sometimes the Windows button resumes, sometimes it does not. And suspend doesn’t turn off the screen, it just blanks. So it’s not so hot on the batteries, but keeping it plugged in keeps it happy.


IMG 5383

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