Amiga 500 2018 Uplift Project

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I’ve started a project to pull my Amiga 500 out of the attic where it’s been for 18 years and try to use it again for fun (with the floppies that I’ve also saved for years) and to try and get it on the Internet.

To do that I’m willing to spend some money on accessories that will get the A500 up to speed for a better 2018 experience. This includes:

  • VGA output – use a VGA LCD Panel so I don’t have to find a 1080S monitor
  • Accelerator – the M68000 is too slow for most things so find a reasonable accelerator for the A500
  • Hard Disk – find a modern disk controller (most likely as a part of the accelerator) that will let me use some sort of flash disk for WorkBench – and WHDLoad for getting all my games off of floppies
  • MegaChip – I know I need 2Meg of Chip Ram for WHDLoad
  • Mouse – use a modern USB mouse
  • Keyboard – use a modern USB keyboard
  • NIC – Some sort of parallel or serial to Cat5 for network access

That is a lot to uplift on the A500 but there are a surprising amount of choices for these available today- much more than was available 10 or even 20 years ago for these machines. Many are from Europe where there were a ton more A500 sold in Commodore’s heydays.

Commodore amiga 500

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