Sparcbook 3

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The Tadpole Sparcbook3 was dug up out of storage in time to submit it for the Reddit Portable Battlestation contest.

 This one came from a Craigslist buy at least a decade ago, and I promptly just stuck the whole box in storage. It came with a couple of CDROMS, batteries and accessories (scsi cable, 2 Sun 3 button mice and some nice thin-net AUI transceivers). It boots up into the os now and I don’t have root yet so I haven’t logged in. There is an ip address on a sticker on the bottom of the system that someone in reddit pointed out is for Lockheed Martin, and upon boot it complains about not finding SQS data directories. I’m pretty sure they are referring to Boeing’s SQS visualization system. It doesn’t boot into X just a terminal login prompt. There are no disk or documentation for SQS.

Meanwhile I’m trying to get a clean install of Solaris on it, using the sunboot from halfmanhalftaco who also did the irixboot which worked great on my Indigo. I’m testing the netboot using my Ultra10, but that is having issues with getting a serial connection to show me a terminal.


 I’ve made images of the ISO that I got with the SparcBook3 available here – Downloads

I will image the floppies that came with it and get them there soon.


IMG 5382


IMG 5385

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  1. andy1

    What a nice laptop.

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