Desktop G5 Rebooting

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This is driving me nuts. I’ve had this G5 (single cpu, 1.6G) for a few months, and now it’s started rebooting randomly for no apparent reason. I finally looked in the logs today and found the culprit:

Jul 23 18:56:31 localhost kernel: ApplePMU::PMU FORCED SHUTDOWN, CAUSE = -122

Googling “PMU FORCED SHUTDOWN, CAUSE “ gave me some hits, but there were all for powerbooks and ibooks, and the fix was to reset the PMU. Searching further on Apple’s support site yielded no direct hits on how to reset the PMU on the desktop G5, but they did have an entry for the XServe G5. I’m going to have a look around my G5 tonight and see if I can find the PMU reset button. It’s seems overly complicated for something like this…


The G5 was repaired at the local Apple Reseller and the PS was swapped out. Issue resolved.

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