G5 PMU Rebooting Update

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Apple G5 SuperComputer
So resetting the PMU on my G5 actually seemed to make it worse: it started rebooting about every three hours, instead of every other day. Perfect. I posted to Apple’s boards, hoping for some info but nothing so far. In desperation I cloned my boot disk over to an external FW800 drive. I used SuperDuper! which is a very nice backup and cloning utility that is a steal at $19. After cloning my boot drive and booting from it I was too tired and went to sleep. When I woke up this morning and saw my mac: it hadn’t rebooted. So now I’m going to leave it on this external drive for a day or so, then clone it back onto my internal SATA drive. From this I should be able to determine if it was a random software thing, or is tied to the internal SATA interface.