I Did It Again

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After selling my Clie UX50 and being Palm-less for about a month, I was getting frustrated. PocketPC just can’t do what I need, given my increased usage of my Macintosh (My G5 is now my primary workstation). After not having my SplashID synced properly again with my Mac (I have SID for both Mac and Win, and it syncs from Win to PocketPC, but I have to manually dump and load from Mac to Win) I knew I needed a palm. But this time I wanted something I could really use for a while. The TG50 didn’t do it, the UX50 was worse… what to get? Mmmm, I want keyboard, wifi, Palm OS5…. I know it’s getting a bit old, but I got the T|C and I’m very happy. This really looks to be a winner, and I’m not just saying that cause I just got it. It’s a tad bigger than you think it would be, but that turns out to make it very comfortable to hold (for my hands). And the BlackBerry like keyboard is great- much better compared to the UX50 [Gadgeteer Review] and the TG50. The wifi is nice and fast, and let me say: the CPU is insanely faster than the UX50. I can’t believe how fast is it. And having 64 mb of ram is also amazing: I can dump everything I can think of and still have only used 16 megs… Perhaps that is because over the years I’ve been forced to work within a 16 mb limit with palms. This thing is still the best PDA out there. Did I mention that the wifi is blazingly fast as compared to the wifi on the UX50?

I’m in the middle of looking at the best IMAP mail application for it, I’ll put a review up here soon.

Gadgeteer Review of the T|C