My Syncing Feelings

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In my never ending quest for complete sync, I’ve gone thru many different configurations. It’s cool to think that a lot of my PIM data was created back over 10 years ago on my first newton- since then it been converted and bounced from PDA to windows to PDA to Mac many times over. Still, I’ve never been able to unite my Windows and Macintosh data-stores into one single source. They have always remained disparate, and depending on which type of system I’m doing my work on (Mac or Windows) I’ll use a PocketPC or Palm. Though I have been known to switch just cause some super-cool advance is unveiled on one platform or the other. Below is my current syncing configuration. I just recently switched my primary source from Windows (Outlook and my Toshiba E405) to Macintosh (.Mac apps and the Palm T|C).

Of course, my addiction to the BlackBerry precludes me from dropping the Windows side completely. I’m anxiously waiting to see how two developments unfold: 1. the Treo 650. I’ve seen and used the 600, its crap. 2. The BlackBerry integration suite with Palm. PalmOne is making noise about something by the end of the year. If they release something for the Treo 650, then as soon as Verizon has it, I’m ditching my Nextel BlackBerry 7510 for the Treo. That would be nice.