Chatter Email is 1.0

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This is a little stale, but Chatter Email is now 1.0 and already surging ahead to 1.1. Not only is it all fancy with hirez icons, it’s now rock solid and the absolute #2 app on my Treo 650. The number one app of course is the phone….

There is a whole new website, which is a huge improvement over the old site. This has great forums, so now there is no more hopping around from mytreo and treocentral forums to get the latest skinny on Chatter.

It’s now just $32, which is a steal compared to some other more bloated packages out there….

The coolest thing you can do with Chatter is read an email, realize you need to contact the sender, see that their email sig has a phone number, double tap on the phone number and have the Treo dial the number. It’s Newtonesque.

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