Memory Sticks

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The Good news: the MS Duo fits nicely in my generic USB all-in-one reader that I have on my G5.

The Bad news: the MS Pro MagicGate 256 that I have won’t fit in the PSP.

It seems that the Duo standard is not only half as big in length, its half as wide also. The Duo is very thin indeed. The big old MS Pro won’t go into the PSP. Thanks Sony.

At least, when I get a bigger Duo I can jam it into the reader and copy over this episode of Firefly that I just ripped from DVD and encoded for the PSP.

There seems to be a lot of MS info at Memory Stick Dot Org Did you know there are three familes of Memory Sticks? Family 1, Family 2 and Family 3. See where your sticks end up.

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