PSP Excitement

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My latest gadget is the PSP: and it certainly lives up to the hype. The screen is gorgeous, watching the included movie (Spiderman2) is lovely. Sony was smart to include a movie with this- I’m ready to buy some more just to be able to watch them on the PSP. I got the last one at a local EB Games, but later that week I saw about 10 at the Target. They are not scarce.

There is only one game that looked interesting to me, which I purchased: WipeOut Pure. I recall playing F-Zero on the super nes, and it was a blast, so WipeOut seemed like a good fit for the PSP. The game play is amazing- the gfx seem comporable to the PS2 itself. There is no comparison to the wimpy screen of the GBA. I’m looking forward to GTA and FF VII, both of which are slated to be out this summer.I actually found the old-style pad buttons easier to use than the cool analog thumb pad. The thumb pad is located a little low on the PSP, and caused some thumb fatigue after a while.

I was able to get the wi-fi connected to my home network and I got onto the web using the browser that comes with wipeout: pure. Jump to absurd genius to see how to use his web portal for the PSP.

To punish myself I just got the PSP iSync conduit from PocketMac. Even though I’ve sworn them off twice before (for their PocketPC sync and their Blackberry sync) how bad can the PSP Sync be? Its also only $9.95. It can only wreak my macintosh…

And lastly, I’m looking at FFmpeg for OSX to try and encode some more movies for the PSP. I think I can use my one Memory Stick Pro with this… if not, I guess I’ll have to break down and get a 512 or 1G MS Duo. The 1G prices hurt.

ffmpegX Progress001.png

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  1. AJ

    Thnx, i wasn’t gonna get a PSP becuase of compatiabilty with my Mac, but now I will buy one. Thnx again!

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