Incredibles on PSP

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I just ripped the Incredibles from a DVD and stuffed it on the PSP. The total movie is amazingly only ~300 megs. And the quality is excellent, except for the scenes with the most motion (the kid running thru the forest). USB2 makes transferring the files quick- the G5 moved the 300 megs in under 4 minutes. Not having chapters makes it hard to jump around, but you can imagine that the battery life is a lot better watching a movie from DuoStick than UMD. And with only 4 minutes needed to blast a movie onto the stick, it makes it easy to keep new movies on. Already I’ve about filled my new 512 Duo. When are they releasing the 2G Duo?

I used Handbrake to rip the DVD to mp4, and FFmpegX to encode to the PSP. Nice and easy. Finally, I have a reason to rip some of these Netflix dvds, for my personal backup of course. Yeah.

Here are some bad photos taken with my Treo650:



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