Day Three- Still No Tiger for Me

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So I still don’t have Tiger. Having fought so hard to keep my 10.3.9 machine working with firewire and usb, I’m actually able to resist the lure of a new Mac OS X operating system. I know it will make me angry. I’ve been hearing bad things about the new Which I rely on.

Also the fact that I no longer have access to the wonderfully lower prices at the University of Pennsylvania computer store. Sigh. It’s $70 there, as compared to what, like $150 from Apple? And all I need is a Penn Card. I may wait till 10.4.1, or I may end up running across a copy. File this away for that time.

To gripes about the price:

1. Apple is making tons now– why not a free upgrade?

2. Failing that, .Mac users should get Tiger for $50. Apple is not getting $150 (or the lame $94 that Amazon is offering)

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