GPS Madness 2

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Etrex Vista

So while TomTom is cool for driving around and getting where I want to go, what about a real GPS? To really play with things like Google maps (by getting your own lat/long), for hiking and boating using TomTom on a Treo does little– if anything at all. So I got a Garmin Etrex Vista, which seemed like a nice balance of size, battery life (it’s not color) and function. So far I’ve been very happy with it. I used it to plot the boundaries of the local neighborhood, then plot the addresses of all the current members using the new Google Maps API. I’ve also used it on my jetski, and it’s been invaluable with the addition of the Garmin Blue Charts– the navigational charts that you can buy (rip off alert– plan to spend over $100 per chart– and you get less than you think- each chart is just an _area_ of the US for $100) and download onto the GPS. It is nice to have them however, when you are zipping along the water on a jetski or better yet something that can actually get stuck, like say a sailboat.

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