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I don’t quite know how to explain what I did (if anything- just investigating), but I have the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard working on my 770 (with the .51 firmware)- and it was insanely simple.

I’ve been looking over the Linux – Bluez How-Tos for a few days, and trying this and that (including compiling the older tool bthid, which was my first real use of scratchbox ARM.) Nothing was working. Of course the btkeyboard plugin also didn’t work.

I could see the Apple keyboard (see output below) but it wouldn’t connect. What worked was so simple- I just looked at what the btkeyboard plugin was running- a command called hidd.

Nokia770-51:/home/user# hcitool scan
Scanning ...
        00:0A:95:38:AF:7A       Apple Wireless Keyboard
        00:02:72:00:E0:96       blued[]
        00:0A:95:D2:97:76       blinky

So after the plugin failed, I just ran hidd -n –search and boom it connected. I could type in the xterm and in notepad. The only annoying this is that the Return key opens and closes the virtual keyboard in the xterm.

The full command and output was:

Nokia770-51:~# hidd -n --search
Searching ...
        Connecting to device 00:0A:95:38:AF:7A

My /etc/bluetooth/pin file contains just “1234” (no quotes). That was all I did. I didn’t type the pin on the keyboard- it just started working.

To be sure I wasn’t using something btkeyboardplugin installed, I removed that, rebooted and was able to re-connect my Apple keyboard right away. I hope others can use this- there is no need for any soldering if you have the lovely Apple BT Keyboard sitting around. I actually don’t use it with my Mac anymore, I have the tactilepro.

p.s. I’m sure its just a small change that has to be make to the btkeyboardplugin to make it work……

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