Don’t tell me this isn’t aimed at the 770

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Leaked picture of the Origami Device?

Look at those buttons- they even have the same zoom button as the 770 (but the zoom is lower left instead of upper right). You can’t tell me that a device like this isn’t isn’t going to stomp all over the nascent Internet Tablet space… No word if this is just a mock-up or if it’s a real device, but the Origami Portal website is tracking this space.

Of course, if Origami is really running XP Tablet, then there is still room for Nokia to wiggle in and get some traction- if they can come out with a device that is snappy. Please put some serious RAM and CPU in the 880- or else it will never stack up with an Origami.

Update: Nice rundown of the Origami Project, plus a shout-out to other Internet devices, including the 770– over at Windows For Devices

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