New Browser in next release of Internet Tablet Software?

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I have no evidence for this, other than my own investigations, but could Nokia be planning to replace the Opera Mobile browser that is currently included in the Internet Tablet Software (i.e. the 770’s Linux OS) with their in-house S60 browser (here is the official Nokia page), which is based on Apple’s own WebCore (Apple’s Official Page). Apple in turn developed WebCore from KDE’s open-sourced KHTML engine. Anyone that has used a Macintosh knows that Safari, the Apple WebCore based browser, is very fast and ‘light-weight’ when compared to something like Firefox. I can only imagine that the S60 browser would do very well in the cramped RAM of the 770. While the Opera browser is pretty at first glance, when you use it over time you realize that it’s slow and takes up a lot of your precious RAM, and Nokia needs something faster for 770.

Also, it’s been quiet lately from Nokia- I hope they have a new Internet Tablet 2006 version ready to release to us soon.

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    And the fact that in the maemo svn repo there is a browser with the option of enabling either webcore or mozilla as the rendering engine probably adds a little extra weight to this theory too. See here besides why would Nokia want to continue to pay license fees for a product they are developing inhouse using free software. I can see the reasons for using Opera to fill a gap so as to get the product to market quickly was done, but there is no reason to continue to keep using it.

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