Desktop Tower Defense

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Normally, I don’t like little flash games. Even normal games, for me, require a delicate balance playability and strategy before I grow tired and bored with them. But I stumbled across DTD a few days ago and gave it a shot. A few hours later, I realized that DTD is so addictive, so engrossing, that it is nearly indescribable. There is a nice Tutorial that is worth reading, but the game is one of those dead simple games that can played over and over again. I’ve spent whole afternoons trying to best my score of about 5500.

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  1. joeljrichards

    Ugh. I agree. I got hopelessly addicted to this game but then I stopped playing video games years ago–after I developed an unhealthy compulsion for Civ and C&C. I just downloaded Mote-M for my iPhone, not as cool but I it may be the first paid App I delete in an last ditch effort to regain my productivity.

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