iSync, Razr V3m, and Sprint: Part 2

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Word around was that Apple introduced a new version of iSync with 10.4.9, and with it the promise of direct OSX support of the V3m. And Apple did add support for the V3m model to iSync, but they didn’t add support for the Sprint version! It still wouldn’t pair correctly with a fresh install of 10.4.9 and my razr.

Luckily however, Clockskew has been keeping pace with his excellent iSync plugins. He has recently introduced a forum, where he stashes his latest downloads for his plugins as well and support for them. The forums help, I’m sure, as individual emails to CS don’t benefit other users.

I had some issues with his earlier plugin (my post here) but this one seems to work OK, with some reservations. It won’t work when you choose (in iSync) to erase device and sync, which is what I wanted, as I don’t trust that it won’t just dupe a whole bunch of contacts in my Addressbook. iSync started to clear the existing contacts from my phone, but but quit claiming it couldn’t delete them. Upon looking at my phone it had deleted all contacts save one, and thought it may be that one sticking up the works. However, when I manually deleted that, iSync still wouldn’t complete the erase and move on to the merge, until I manually changed the ‘on first sync’ option in iSync to just merge data on device and the Mac. Which wasn’t an issue now since all the contacts on the phone had been deleted.

I have yet to try the calendar syncing, since I keep most of my important calendar items on Entourage. I still have to enable the Entourage/Addressbook, iCal syncing that Entourage has introduced.

2 thoughts on “iSync, Razr V3m, and Sprint: Part 2

  1. Sprint sucks? I hated them, and their support. I’m sure ATT/Cingular is no better, but at least I have the iPhone now to console me.

  2. Tim

    Do you think the reason Apple refuses to add direct support for the Sprint version is due to it’s close ties with Cingular . . . especially since they seem to be the only carrier of the iPhone?

    The only question I have is why Apple supports other phones, but omits Sprint?

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