Sprint Razr V3m and iSync

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I ordered a Razr V3m from Sprint last week since the krzr looks to be too fat, and the razr has a larger screen. The phone is nice but one of the most important features I’ve been lusting after is the ability to sync my contacts over using iSync and USB. All the Moto phones use USB, and have thankfully left the the old proprietary connectors behind. One problem- the Mac and iSync seem to know nothing about the V3m Razr.

These sites however, have fixes. Clockskew has nice phone plug-in available for download, that worked fine for me, until I updated the Sprint Software on the V3m. Then it stopped working (allthough the author seems to have it working with the latest Sprint firmware on his Razr….). Luckily the strange site Whopack (which seems to exist only to impart this exact bit of knowledge) has another working solution. Follow the steps at Whopack and you to can easily sync your contacts back and forth from the V3m and iSync.

And one other issue- why won’t an ordinary mini-usb cable charge this phone? Now I have to drag around the adapter that came with the Razr.

6 thoughts on “Sprint Razr V3m and iSync

  1. Blueplate

    The Sprint V3m is capable of being charged over a Mini USB cable, but for some reason its USB profile on the computer, doesn’t send power. Proof: Reboot the Mac holding down Apple-Option-O-F (for Open Firmware), and plug in the phone. Presto — it charges! It only DOESN’T charge, when the computer is fully up and running — it INTENTIONALLY doesn’t charge the phone. I don’t know if there is a way to edit the USB profile, so that it will allow the phone to charge.

  2. gardner wolter

    it still won’t work

  3. admin

    Yes, see my post yesterday regarding ClockSkew’s new plugin- use that if you have 10.4.9 and a Sprint or verizon V3m.

    This post has the links:

  4. gardner wolter

    i meant to say can’t snyc

  5. gardner wolter

    i tried whopack.com and i still can sync the V3m with isync what should i do

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